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Megan was raised on the stormy Illawarra coast where thunder often raged. One may be forgiven for believing the ‘old gods’ had favoured Australia with the wild hunt on those dark nights.

At university she majored in history, sparking her obsession with the so-called 'dark ages' and a desire to discover their long forgotten secrets. After graduation she travelled extensively and lived, first in South Korea, and later in Italy and the UK. It was during the dark, and seemingly endless nights of the South Korean winters that she finally allowed her characters to wreak havoc on the page.

Megan's interest in the Vikings is rooted in archaeological finds surfacing in 2015 and later, showing that they were far more than the 'smash-and-grab' opportunists that they have long been portrayed as. It was the desire to learn more about the world in which these 7th century (and onwards) Scandinavians lived and the lives they lead that began to weave into Megan's imagination.

Her current works, the Viking Trading Lands series, brings to life the little known exploits of the Vikings who went East and created a new stronghold. Individuals that were not only hungry for adventure but also ready to challenge the notion of what a Viking could be.

When she is not writing she is drinking copious amounts of excellent coffee, reading history books and cooking meals from historical texts. You will find her exploring libraries and museums, and in front of her sewing machine constructing vintage inspired clothing.

Megan Formanek -  Viking Historical Fiction Author
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