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An oath made is a debt that must be paid.


Svealand 880 CE


Astrid is free, widowed after two years in an unwanted marriage. She wants to reclaim her life and become the warrior she always wanted to be, just like her father. Horrified by her best friend’s unwelcome proposal, she flees everything she has ever known for a chance at life across the Baltic Sea, assuming a new identity in a land unknown.


Aldeigjuborg, in the land of the Rus', is far different to her native homeland. With the support of her new mentor, she is given the opportunity to create a life within the walls of a town she would have previously dreamed of raiding. Being a Viking is more than adventure and travel. Riches can be found in trade, through the learning of new languages and cultures.


Soon, Astrid realises everything has a price, and a promise made can have unintended consequences. 


Oath Undo Me is book one in the Viking Trading Lands series, inspired by archaeological evidence.

Oath Undo Me Cover Final.jpg
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