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Raised on tales of glory, bound to question it all


Aldeigjuborg, Gardarike 882 CE

Astrid has worked hard to become the well-respected textile merchant known as Signe. She wants to expand her business, support her daughter, and take full advantage of her new life. Her husband is long overdue from his trade mission and, with no word from him; Astrid turns to the gods for answers. As mysterious gifts begin appearing at her door, she questions if these are signs to guide her or a threat more sinister.


When someone Astrid swore to be free of forever reappears, dark omens plague her. Soon, Astrid finds herself tangled in the Norn’s weavings with agonising consequences.


In Aldeigjuborg, cultures clash and religion sparks trouble for the newly established empire of the Rus’. Word spreads of Grand Prince Oleg’s conquest of Kyiv and his capture of his brother’s heir. Rebellion threatens Astrid’s stable town, and the war horn calls her to embrace the Viking way.


But, as she prepares to defend her home, Astrid realises that in battle, all men are made monsters.  


No One’s Viking: Viking Trading Lands Book Two is a powerful novel rich in historical detail and compelling characters, exploring the lives of people who lived during the early years of the Rurikid Dynasty.

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